English Pro Solutions


Professional Training and Consulting

Our innovative and highly interactive training and coaching sessions are typically in English or French, though other languages are also possible.

Our clients range from native speakers to conversationally competent speakers. You should therefore be able to engage in a discussion in your target language even if you do not consider yourself perfectly fluent. If you need help determining this, we will organize a diagnostic session.

Your listeners observe and integrate all kinds of messages that aren't in the words themselves:

  • your demeanor

  • your self-assurance

  • your appearance

  • your facial expression

  • your gestures

  • your tone of voice

  • your delivery and speed

  • your eye contact, and so on

The unspoken messages a person conveys are every bit as important as the spoken ones. We help you work on both.

When do these things matter?

Answering a question with more questions is perhaps unfair, but the intent is to evoke reflection...

  • Do you express yourself with confidence when you speak?

  • Have you just had a new team assigned to you?

  • Do you put your talents to best advantage in a multi-cultural environment?

  • Do you command others' attention and respect?

  • Are you confident in your negotiating skills?

  • Do you need to make presentations for your work or career?

  • Are you able to stay focused on your topic when speaking?

  • Do you and/or your team members communicate and understand each other effectively?

  • Are you up for a promotion, or have you been passed by for one?

  • Do you have an upcoming interview?

Public speaking and presentation skills

  • Understanding your outer and inner goals

  • IDing and mobilizing your audience

  • Conceiving, planning, and organizing your content

  • Creating visually engaging slides

  • Developing dynamic and engaging discourse

  • Mastering delivery

    • Managing your discomfort and gaining confidence

    • Staying on-topic

    • Taking charge of your body language

    • Regulating your voice for greater impact

    • Developing impeccable timing

  • Making data clear and exciting

  • Integrating storytelling

  • Taking control of the Q&A

  • Establishing follow-up strategies

Business skills

  • Conducting effective, efficient, and upbeat meetings

  • Developing or enhancing cultural awareness in meetings and negotiations

  • Participating in meetings with more impact

  • Engaging in meaningful communication by phone, Skype, or videoconference

  • Giving useful feedback and practicing active listening

  • Employing best practices in leadership

  • Mastering conflict management

  • Team building

  • Engaging in negotiations and closing the deal

  • Matching the right mode of communication to the context

  • Creating your bio and elevator pitch

  • Developing or honing your skills in business writing

  • Reevaluating the efficacy of your communication via email

Effective and persuasive communication tools give you the edge you need when you are up against a high-stakes situation.