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Text Development

Native speakers of a language, consciously or subconsciously, make judgments about the people behind the text: how intelligent they are, whether they can communicate coherently and succinctly, how educated they are, whether they look good enough to do business with or hire, and much, much more.

We all excel at different things. Someone who's an ace at office politics may not be brilliant at event planning, and the best negotiator around isn't necessarily a whiz when it comes to writing good text. And vice versa.

Why should you hire someone to write your text?

  • Time: you might not have enough of it to do a good job

  • Expertise: the subject matter may not be your field, or you may lack the time and resources to get all the facts

  • Sensitivity: sometimes we are too close to an issue to be able to write about it with sufficient objectivity

  • Pressure: when expectations are high, judgment and good sense occasionally take a nosedive

  • Skill: writing isn't everyone's strong suit, native speaker or not

The list goes on.

One of the tricks in life is recognizing what you're good at, what you can improve, and when you need to get outside talent.

We help you to shine forth and to sound like you.


articles – bios – brochures – CVs and résumés – grants – PowerPoint presentations – profiles – proposals – reports – speeches – website text