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Is excellent language even necessary? What you do matters more than how you express it, right?

Well, it depends.

With spoken language, perfection is less important, especially with regard to non-native speakers of a language. Content, persuasion, non-verbal expression, and personality carry a lot more weight.

With written language, however, quality and precision can make the difference between whether the people who hold the key to what you want will perceive you as worthy of their attention – or not.

Even typographical and spelling errors can cause decision makers to look elsewhere. And this can manifest consciously or subconsciously.

What editing encompasses

An editor can execute any or all of the following operations:

  • Checking for inconsistencies, unrelated ideas, repetition, and lack of clarity

  • Suggesting a reordering of ideas for better clarity and impact

  • Verifying factual information

  • Ensuring that ideas are written in clear, grammatical language

  • Double-checking titles, subtitles, and page numbers

  • Ensuring that prose matches table, graph, and caption information

  • Catching grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors

In short, editors ensure that language is written the way educated native speakers expect to see it.

All texts require editing

Even the most conscientious of self-proofreaders can no longer see what might be missing, unclear, out of place, misspelled, or any other of a multitude of problems any text can contain.

In businesses that don't have in-house editors, the job of editing often sadly falls on someone who seems to have an appropriate profile or even on someone who can speak the language in question.

Just because Elsa is Swedish does not make her a competent editor of a Swedish text! And Luc's junior year abroad in Stockholm qualifies him even less.

Top-quality editing requires training, proficiency, and experience.

We make it perfect so you, Elsa, and Luc don't have to.


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