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Transcreation and Translation

Have you ever been amused or perplexed by an e-mail, a company report, a project proposal, directions in booklets, menu descriptions in restaurants, or even advertising campaigns in your language because they contained “non-native speaker” errors?

Finding the right words in any language is not as easy as looking up a word or phrase in the dictionary, or even hiring a native speaker to do it for you.

Many native speakers are at a loss when it comes to style and grammar. And many professional translators do not manage to convey your “voice,” tone, and cultural references.

We make sure you come across professionally, concisely, and correctly – and that you sound like you.

Translation vs. Transcreation

Translation is a mechanical transformation of a text from one language into another. The result should be accurate and error-free, but the style, tone, and voice of the document or text may not be fully retained.

Transcreation takes translation to a new level by integrating the cultural signals that will convey your style, tone, and voice and also evoke the same social responses you expect from your readers.

The following elements are among those that a transcreator may adapt in order to convey the same feeling and elicit the same responses that the original text would:

  • wording

  • idiomatic expressions

  • jokes

  • phrasing

  • cultural references

  • images

  • colors

  • and more...

Whether you require a translation or a transcreation depends on the sensitivity of the content and the degree of importance you attach to the reaction you wish to elicit from your readers.


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