English Pro Solutions


Workshops for Individuals

We organize half-day and full-day group workshops for eight to 14 participants in both English and French. In either language, participants range from native-speakers to speakers who are conversationally competent.

You should therefore be able to engage in a discussion in the target language even if you do not consider yourself perfectly fluent. If you need help determining this, we will organize a diagnostic session by phone or by Skype.

Workshop topics include:

Public speaking and presentations

  • Basic presentation skills

  • Integrating storytelling

  • Taking control of the Q&A

  • Making data clear and exciting

Business skills

  • Conducting effective, efficient, and upbeat meetings

  • Participating in meetings with more impact

  • Engaging in meaningful communication by phone, Skype, or videoconference

  • Giving useful feedback and using active listening

  • Employing best practices in leadership

  • Mastering conflict management

  • Engaging in negotiations and closing the deal

  • Matching the right mode of communication to the context

  • Creating your bio and elevator pitch

We organize workshops and their locations according to demand.